Month: January 2016


Fencing Pliers and Banzai Charges, A Reader Weighs In

I have a good friend who is now a Colonel in the Marine Corps.  Once, in our youth, we served together, fraternizing, as it were, in various pubs and off-limits districts across the Pacific, until eventually sailing through the Straights of Hormuz to plant Old Glory and our regimentals in the greater sands of Araby. ...


Case Update: Holden-Olivas

There is a golden eagle flying over our house right now, just at the limit of where the window will allow me to see it, turning great circles in the treetops.  This happens on occasion, when one of the nesting pair at Wychus Creek stretches out over the canyon and drifts this way in search ...


Fixing Stupid, A Rant in 10 Stanzas

We have been re-educated now, for decades, with the notion that our feelings are important.  It’s how we feel about a subject that matters.  The psycho-analytic crowd loves this, and has grown rich from it.  Oh gee, Molly, how did that make you feel? It isn’t hard to reverse engineer how this vision of ourselves has warped ...


The First Tragedy of Malheur

This morning the Nugget News published a column I wrote regarding the tactical approach to resolving the Malheur Refuge takeover.  The timing was mere accident.  You can see it here.  In the article I was deliberately not discussing the political considerations driving the decision-making process, merely the modern tactical approach to resolving an armed resistance with ...



I was not comfortable around the tiger.  To say otherwise would be a lie, and it is evident in the photo.  I’m sitting a respectable distance back, with a strange, indecisive grin on my face.  Much like a Great White shark, a full grown Bengal tiger does not have eyes that are inviting of trust ...


Holden-Olivas Case Update

I was able to find, this morning, and from of all places the Auckland Star, an interesting bit on the case.  The article was published on March 20, 1886. Referencing Holden Dick’s murder of Shaw–“In his confession he narrated all the sickening details of the crime and took the Sheriff of Modoc County, (C.C. Rachford) ...


Kate Bighead Did Not Lie

My obsession with the Battle of the Little Bighorn is my father’s fault.  When I was ten years old he flew us from Van Nuys, California, to Cody, Wyoming, in his light airplane.  We made a stop for fuel and a burger in Provo, Utah, then carried on, grinding over the rockies in magnificent turbulence ...

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