Month: April 2016


Bad Gun and Four Bears

Four Bears, Mato-Tope′, is known to history as one of the most respected chiefs of the later Mandan Nation.  Perhaps, by the time white contact with the Mandan-Hidatsa was essentially routine, even the most respected.  I’ve written about him here before, and have just finished a fine book “Encounters at the Heart of the World,” by ...


A Raid For Horseflesh

*This column originally appeared in The Nugget News, 20 April, 2016 Two weeks ago my mother called and dropped a bomb on our house. She asked if I was sitting down. I wasn’t, but I did, quickly, because that’s what sons do when their mothers start a conversation that way. And if you are a ...


The Back 9

Last night, apparently, the town council in our fair burg passed a “resolution recognizing the 9 rules of civility.”  This was evidently the result of a “toxic environment for discourse,” which is one of the more interesting and simultaneously sickening memes I keep hearing repeated about the state of debate and disagreement in America.  Now ...


Every Clime and Place

***Just received this tremendous dispatch from the hard frontier.  It is reprinted with permission from the author, a warfighter who must remain anonymous for OpSec, as must the precise location.  Enjoy, it isn’t often we get real time information from the world’s nasty places.  This post includes a video of the sinking of the USS ...

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