Month: January 2017


Get Shorty

Many of us watched with interest the recent, and remarkably anti-climactic, extradition of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman to face drug trafficking charges in the United States. He has, naturally, pleaded not guilty. As this news broke, I received no fewer than a dozen messages and emails from my former partners in narcotics enforcement celebrating, to ...



Last evening, in something of a pique, I decided to downgrade my presence on the Book of Face.  My existence there was experimental–I opened the account for selfish reasons to begin with–an attempt to broaden the audience for my writing–and am stepping far back for equally selfish reasons:  the preservation of my mind. Once, I ...


Happy People, Redux

This piece originally appeared in The Nugget News, January 11, 2017. The great battery of recent storms has made things interesting. Cars are off the road, pipes are freezing, heat pumps are failing, and I’ve got three snowy mounds down in the corrals I think contain horses. By the time you read this, we may ...


American Flats

Bummer news this morning from an old friend and fellow denizen of the Nevada desert–they have finally demolished the ruins at American Flats.  To those of us who once tromped around in this amazing and ghostly wonderland, tucked into the hills outside of Virginia City, it comes like a gut punch. Officially known as the ...


A Meditation in the Barn

This post originally appeared in The Nugget News, January 3, 2017 I decided to write the first column of the New Year down here in the barn, with the horses and the hay and the barncats. My wife and I have managed to do a few things right, and this barn is one of them. Aside ...


A Hunting Story

This piece originally appeared in the Nugget News, November 1, 2016 Last week I went elk-hunting with some friends, out past Hampton, in the big and mostly empty desert and juniper country. We were an odd collection of hunters, precisely the kind of guys that columnist Victor Davis Hanson calls “alienated Americans.” Which is to ...

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