Month: June 2017


Cascades Compression

I was among those who thought building a roundabout in Sisters was a good idea. I still do—they work–though some of the motoring theatrics I observed this weekend might cause one to have legitimate second thoughts. For a moment, tourist-watching from my favorite surveillance hidey-hole in the Rays parking lot, the roundabout sounded like lower ...


Dying in Committee

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”  Calvin Coolidge No sitting governor of Oregon has ever refused to meet with a Medal of Honor recipient. Until now. On June 8, Governor Kate Brown snubbed Master Sergeant Leroy Petry as he stood waiting — at ...


Speed Wobbles

Once, while attending a summer program for young students at UC Santa Barbara, I attempted to skateboard down a long, sloping hill.  I had no business doing that.  I was not a skateboarder.  Where I lived in northern California skateboarding was not a thing because it is very difficult to skateboard on dirt roads.  But ...

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