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Good Citizenship in the Age of Lying Liars

My detective brain tells me that President Donald Trump is lying, though it’s unclear to me exactly what he’s lying about.  It also seems clear that fired FBI Director James Comey, too smug by a country mile, is lying also – either actively or by omission, and who knows which.  But that’s not unusual in ...

Independence Day

Author’s Note:  This piece was written for The Nugget Newspaper, July 4, 2018.     Independence is a funny thing.  These days many of the folk who enjoy its fruits – liberty and freedom — are pilloried, marginalized or, as in the case of this column during the late IP43 unpleasantness, exposed to censorship campaigns ...

Bee Lives Matter

Historians and archeologists tell us that human beings began collecting wild honey about 10,000 years ago. Evidence shows up in ancient North African pottery, Egyptian art, and honey in jars has been recovered from the tombs of the Pharaohs.  By 600 BCE the Picts of ancient Scotland – naturally it was the Scots – were brewing ...


The Stormy Daniels Upper

I didn’t watch the Stormy Daniels interview. For one thing I was busy cleaning my AR-15s — which are, in fact, an excellent choice for target shooting, hunting, and home defense — and for another thing I just assume that she is telling the truth and that her skillset really is worth $130k a pop, ...

Lashed to the Mast

If you were ever lucky enough to live out on the great sagebrush sea, like I was during a certain vanishing era, you might have enjoyed a slice of old Americana in perhaps the rarest of ways: trailing cattle and working horses. The outback was, in those days–and still is to some degree–a kind of ...

The People I Didn’t Kill

Author’s note:  this post was originally published in September, 2014, following the Ferguson, Missouri riots. The soul of a cop’s eyes Is an eternity of Sunday daybreak in the suburbs Of Juarez, Mexico. James Wright Yesterday, after a luxurious week of toiling underground, minding my own business, breaking the code of a hard poem by ...

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