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Running Iron Report Podcast Number Two — Brent McGregor The Running Iron crew are joined by modern day explorer and adventurer Brent McGregor.  McGregor is a former logger, a woodworker, a mountaineer, a nationally recognized photographer, and an accomplished glacier cave explorer who — along with his caving partners — discovered the largest known glacier cave in the lower 48 states — the ...

RIR Podcast Number One — Len Babb Western Artist and buckaroo legend Len Babb joined Craig and Jim in the studio to discuss both his working life in the saddle and his breathtaking artwork.  Len’s art, which has been favorably compared to western master Charlie Russell, focuses on scenes from the vanished American frontier.  It was a great honor to have ...

The Greenhouse Mouse

I have been at war with rodents for most of my life.  I am presently doing battle with a particularly clever mouse in the greenhouse who has, in full disclosure, managed to outwit my considerable efforts to end his life early and with extreme prejudice. This lifelong, low-intensity fight for dignity against rodents has resulted ...

Our Predator Problem

Authors Note:  this column was written for The Nugget Newspaper, in Sisters, Oregon.  For a more thorough discussion of the topic, please see the 2 part series First Person Shooter, at ___ The common denominator in school killings isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t guns, and it isn’t mental illness. The only common denominator ...

Fear and Loathing in D.C.

The bludgeoning of our Republic continues. For the sake of argument, consider this: suppose the Republicans are right, and the Russian collusion narrative is, in the words of Victor Davis Hanson, “an incoherent effort to destroy Donald Trump’s candidacy beyond the bounds of normal politics and later a renewed and unprecedented endeavor to abort his ...

Notes on a Greasy Napkin

I like to write in diners. I like it because I always hear something marvelous about politics, or the weather, and also because there is something inspirational in the smell of bacon, the comfort of a worn-out booth beside a picture window, and the reliable goodness of hashed browns, two eggs over-medium, and a side ...

The Cross of Lorraine, Part Deux

We don’t often think of US Marines when we think about World War 2 in Europe. The Marine Corps, naturally, did the bulk of its work in the Pacific theater and probably survives today only because of the brutal, no-quarters warfighting the Old Breed did against the Japanese in places like Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Peleliu, and ...

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