Return to Norms


Eastern Oregon Sunrise, 2016 Elk Hunt

If I have any readers left, I would like to assure you that I will soon be returning to this page in force.  Although I am, in theory, retired from gainful employment, my life seems to have become busier than I would have expected.  Here on the Figure 8 we have many, many, irons in the fire, and so I haven’t been able to give my full attention to this site, among other things.

But all is well.  In the last half year there have been some terrific developments, and between now and the New Year I will likely be posting the writing I have been doing–largely for the newspaper.  I enjoyed a tremendous trip to Germany in August where I was able to embed with US Marines training a Georgian Infantry Battalion for deployment to Afghanistan.  It was a remarkable and eye-opening time, and I have a few pieces to post here.

There was a terrific hunt for Elk in eastern Oregon.

The Figure 8 has also become a kind of bed and breakfast, and we have enjoyed the company of many friends and family–almost non-stop, which adds a dimension of difficulty when trying to get things done.

Horses galore, including a boarder for a young girl who has big Rodeo dreams.

A self-destructive gardening nightmare that has spurred new plans for this coming spring.

And naturally, the annual turkey-killing, which was turned into an unreal Thanksgiving meal and which Wendy turned into the finest turkey soup I’ve ever eaten.

So, if you are still with me, and willing, the Chronicle will rise again like a leviathan from the deeps, and maybe we can get into a few fine conversations, or arguments, or what have you.  A large part of me is happy to have not been here during the interminable election non-sense.  For the record:  I didn’t vote for any of the party nominees, and found the entire cycle depressing and embarrassing.  I keep entertaining this notion that I will abandon interest in politics beyond my front porch, but that is probably fanciful and reactionary.  It isn’t realistic, at any rate, given my abiding interests.  But I am seeking something new from them, as I am committed to the belief that the parties are largely irrelevant to the challenges we face.

So I hope this finds you well.  We are, and happy, if a little frosty in the snow and continuing cold.  Stay tuned.

Rullmanov, Defender of the Faithful


14 thoughts on “Return to Norms

  1. Still here Craig…
    Yes, I had almost given up but with the understanding that I thought you had possibly tired of the social media scene. I could easily understand that. I am impressed with Jim Cornelius and his stamina and output with Frontier Partisans. Volunteering to maintain such activity can consume one whole. Also, I am looking forward to the RANGE MAGAZINE’S Winter Issue arrival next month (according to Joanie) and your included article within as well as future posts here…


    • Thanks, Saddletram! Hope this finds you well. There is some element to that…I’ve found even the Book of Face to be something of an unrewarding grind. A tool that could be used for a lot better ends, for certain. Thanks for picking up Range–not great literature, but an inspiring piece to write. Have a great Xmas!


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