Running Iron Report Podcast Number Two — Brent McGregor

The Running Iron crew are joined by modern day explorer and adventurer Brent McGregor.  McGregor is a former logger, a woodworker, a mountaineer, a nationally recognized photographer, and an accomplished glacier cave explorer who — along with his caving partners — discovered the largest known glacier cave in the lower 48 states — the Snow Dragon complex far beneath the ice of Oregon’s Mt. Hood.  Brent shares stories of his incredible life, from solo kayaking the northwest coast to logging camps in the Black Hills, from building a cabin nine thousand feet in the Rockies to running sled dogs and living in a tipi in remote Alaska.  This episode of the Running Iron Podcast is a classic campfire conversation with modern implications — and an interview you don’t want to miss.  

Hosts:  Craig Rullman & Jim Cornelius — Running Iron Report

Audio Engineer:  Pete “Oil Can” Rathbun

Music Credits:  Saor Patrol “Clansman”, Lynyrd Skynard “Simple Man”

  1. Craig and Jim,

    Since it all starts at the Bunkhouse I will plant my thoughts here. A most excellent second helping here that resonated with me in every way. It being longer this time was all the better. It carried me from the west side of the Tehachapi’s almost to Tulare Monday night. I am a little mystified at the lack of overwhelming approval for your auditory efforts. I think it is great and brings it all to life. I for one will be anxiously awaiting for Number 3 to come out. Perhaps there are some technical challenges to some in accessing it. Not sure. I used a phone app and you do have to search around some instead of a direct load to the podcast as compared to a YouTube video let’s say. Maybe that’s just my experience. Anyway, two outstanding guests in a row and the camaraderie comes through load and clear. I hope you can continue to keep it up.

    — ST
    Portland, OR

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    1. Thanks Tramp. We have monitored some comments about sound quality–first one was too low in volume for some, and for this last one we had a mic go down. There is some staticky sounds intermittently in the second which are actually the wind–it was stifling hot in the bunkhouse and we needed some air flow. At any rate, very much appreciate you listening and we hope to keep getting better on the tech side–we have some great guests in the offing. Safe travels, friend.

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