Running Iron Podcast 9 — Lane Jacobson

After a delay in recording, brought on by the horrors of technology, Craig, Jim, and “Oil Can” Rathbun are back in the bunkhouse on the historic Figure 8 Ranch to bring you another episode of the Running Iron Podcast.  In this episode Lane Jacobson, owner of Paulina Springs Bookstore in Sisters, Oregon, sits down for a wide-ranging discussion about books, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and his vision for what a great small-town bookstore looks like.  

Hosts:  Craig Rullman, Jim Cornelius, Pete “Oil Can” Rathbun

Guest:  Lane Jacobson

Original Music:  “Once We Rode Like the Wind,” Written and performed by Jim Cornelius

                          “I Ain’t Making This Up,” Written and performed by Mike Biggers



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