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The Stormy Daniels Upper

I didn’t watch the Stormy Daniels interview. For one thing I was busy cleaning my AR-15s — which are, in fact, an excellent choice for target shooting, hunting, and home defense — and for another thing I just assume that she is telling the truth and that her skillset really is worth $130k a pop, ...

Santa Anna’s Leg

I do realize, of course, and sincerely appreciate, the profundity of our great national obsession with Russians, Hollywood perverts, Donna Brazille’s new book, bump stocks, the NFL kneeling/not-kneeling shenanigans, and even Trump’s midnight bully-tweets aimed at a fat Korean dictator.  But, and here is an admission, I personally lost faith in travelling carnivals somewhere around ...

The Petrified Man

In 1782 Ben Franklin published a fake edition of an otherwise real newspaper. It was meant to curry sympathy for American resistance to the British, by claiming that natives allied with the British were on the warpath, slaughtering settlers by the hundreds. Complete with phony ads and other articles, it was all fake news. Fake ...

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