Shameless Self Promotion


Con Conagher, Riding for the Brand

Hey folks, hope you enjoyed my first treatment of the Dick-Olivas affair.  I will be diving headlong into additional research, which requires a lot of help from the Sisters library, and hope to bring additional details to the fore.  I’ve seen one mention of arrests in this case, but have been unable, so far, to flush that out sufficiently.  There is also some interesting stuff on Dick’s relationship with the Chinese cook he allegedly killed.  I’m working on it.

And in the interest of Shameless Self Promotion, I encourage you to check out my most recent bits in the Nugget News.  They can be found here, and here.  Sadly, the on-line version doesn’t show some of Jim Horsley’s fine paintings, which were included in the article, but you can look them up by traveling to

  1. As our 5 year old granddaughter would say..” now you’re cookin!” And you are. Bravo!

    The Bunkhouse Chronic



    1. Indeed. Has been much fun.



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