Early Bird

This morning I have received my first “Dry Gulch Project” submission, and I can tell you that it is fabulous.  It’s funny, it’s short, and it introduces a fabulous new player to the ensemble.  Get after it, Chroniclers, the competition will be stiff.  And fun.  Wouldn’t it be something if we could make a thing out of this?  Jim Cornelius suggests, and I think rightly, that we should pull an illustrator on board.  He has one in mind, and if we do our part, why couldn’t we make a book that resonates?


In other news, I spent two hours this afternoon with the horses, attending their various complaints, and working in a warm sunlight in the corrals.  I don’t care who you are, if you haven’t curried a shedding horse in the bleak heat in the afternoon, and talked sweet nothings into their ears, you haven’t lived.  And I don’t care if you’ve climbed Everest.

Things are shaping up to be busy, folks, and I promise nothing, but I will share this with you, because you need to see it, and perhaps better, to close your eyes and simply feel it.  Enjoy, and I will be back tomorrow:

  1. Craig! Some of us actually have to work! Love it.



    1. I thought you might. Gonna miss you this weekend, you old warrior. Heal up, and get up here to ‘Merica.



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