A Word, If You Please



Today I wanted to take a brief moment and offer my sincerest thanks to you all, the readers and followers of The Bunkhouse Chronicle.

We have recently reached a humble milestone: over 30,000 individual views of the Chronicle. From Bosnia to Mozambique, Guatemala to Estonia, Morocco to Cambodia, readers have checked in to see what was happening in the Bunkhouse. Yesterday we had a reader from Pakistan, which was a first.

That’s a modest start–many sites get that kind of traffic in a day–but it is a very long way from where this all started.

Every writer wants readers—in the words of my favorite Montana poet, Richard Hugo, “If we didn’t, we might as well just write diaries”—and this writer, if that’s what I am, is very grateful for your support, your comments, your encouragement, and your loyal readership.

This morning our colt, in a feat that I may never quite understand, somehow managed to lift a paddock gate out of its attachments and set it down where he preferred to have it. The other horses, like so many eye-witnesses, have been mostly unreliable in the investigation.

So I’m off to fix a paddock gate, and to ponder the enduring mysteries.

But first, I wanted to say thank you.





18 thoughts on “A Word, If You Please

  1. The alphabet is pure democracy. Letters joined together from it become words that when coupled together form trains of lines that roll down a track taking us to some valued destination either of place or thought. The engineer of those words make all the difference. Like Cornelius before you, I have witnessed a strong head of steam building steady and stronger. Overcoming inertia is the most difficult thing and you are clearly on your way to highballing it down the track with a train full of coupled cars of astute and thoughtful observations. Congratulations Craig. Keep ’em rolling along…

    -— saddle tramp
    VIA: Gilroy, CA


  2. Thinking of your dearly departed semi-domesticated bobcat, Harry Dean Stanton, on the recent death of his human analog… I enjoyed the ‘owner attacked’ stories. He was eaten much too soon!


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