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An Iron in the Fire

Running Iron Report is now live.  I encourage you to go there and check out the inaugural post.  Sign up to receive new posts as they are published, and to join in what will certainly be an interesting conversation. Here are few words about the site, and what you can expect, from Frontier Partisans: The ...

Carrying the Fire

Friends and Readers: For nearly a year Jim Cornelius and I have been writing, researching, reading, and working feverishly on a new literary project to identify, diagnose, and ultimately combat the ironies, mind-numbing complexities, and feverish groping that often define our modern American life.  We are pleased that those efforts are now nearing fruition, and ...

A Word, If You Please

Today I wanted to take a brief moment and offer my sincerest thanks to you all, the readers and followers of The Bunkhouse Chronicle. We have recently reached a humble milestone: over 30,000 individual views of the Chronicle. From Bosnia to Mozambique, Guatemala to Estonia, Morocco to Cambodia, readers have checked in to see what ...

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