Running Iron Podcast Number Three — Jack McGowan

The Running Iron boys are back in the bunkhouse with another terrific guest.  In this episode Craig and Jim are joined by New York City native, and Oregon renaissance legend, Mr. Jack McGowan.  Jack discusses growing up in the Big Apple, living next door to Bob Dylan, the Weather Underground bombings, brushes with the Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, adventures in the deepest Amazon, and his herculean efforts to keep Oregon beautiful as the Executive Director of SOLV — Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism.  Fun, funny, occasionally moving — and always informative — this is another great Running Iron Podcast  you don’t want to miss.

Hosts:  Craig Rullman & Jim Cornelius

Guest:  Jack McGowan

Audio Engineer:  Pete “Oil Can” Rathbun

Original Music:  “Once We Moved Like the Wind” Written and performed by Jim Cornelius

                        “I Ain’t Making This Up” Written and performed by Mike Biggers

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