Running Iron Podcast Number Four — Greg Walker

US Army Special Forces veteran and retired lawman Greg Walker joins the Running Iron team for a wide-ranging interview.  The author of 16 books and numerous articles for Soldier of Fortune, Black Belt Magazine, and many others, Greg sits down with Craig & Jim in the historic bunkhouse on the Figure 8 Ranch to talk knives, books, martial arts, his experiences in El Salvador and Iraq, and the art of kissing camels.  Finally, Greg weighs in with winner-predictions for a lightning round of no-holds-barred celebrity fistfights.  A Poet-Warrior of the Old School, this is an interview that will make you laugh, make you think, and stroke the warrior impulse embedded in your DNA.    

Hosts:  Craig Rullman & Jim Cornelius

Guest:  Greg Walker

Intro:  Wendy Rullman

Audio Engineer:  Pete “Oil Can” Rathbun

Original Music:  

      “Once We Moved Like the Wind”  Written and Performed by Jim Cornelius

      “I Ain’t Making This Up”  Written and Performed by Mike Biggers

  1. Also

    1) McQueen (come on….)
    2) Del Toro (a savage)
    3) Geronimo (opponent gasses)
    4) They both gas = draw
    5) Churchill (via top mount / ground and pound)



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