Running Iron Podcast Number Five — Dr. Lorissa Hines

In this episode of the Running Iron Podcast, Dr. Lorissa Hines from Austin, Texas, pays a housecall on Craig, Jim, and “Oil Can” Rathbun at the Figure 8 Ranch.  Dr. Hines discusses a variety of issues — from the media and science kerfuffles over childhood immunizations to her humanitarian work with children from Uganda to Mongolia.    Join us for a few laughs, some valuable medical opinions, and a terrific interview with a succesful doctor, mother, and worldwide humanitarian.  

Hosts:  Craig Rullman, Jim Cornelius

Guest:  Dr. Lorissa Hines

Audio Engineer:  Pete “Oil Can” Rathbun

Original Music:  “Once We Moved Like the Wind”  Written and Performed by Jim Cornelius

                       “I Ain’t Making This Up”  Written and Performed by Mike Biggers

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