Running Iron Podcast Number Six — Rick Steber

Author Rick Steber stops by the bunkhouse for a revealing interview with Craig & Jim.  Steber has written more than 40 books, including “Caught in the Crosshairs,” “Red White Black,” and “Buy the Chief a Cadillac.”  The recipient of numerous prestigious awards for his writing, the Los Angeles Times has said of Rick’s writing:  “Steber’s words remind you of Hemingway or Fitzgerald.” In this interview Steber discusses writing, publishing, the death threats he received after authoring “Caught in the Crosshairs,” and offers an inside look to his vision.  Fans of Rick Steber, new and old, are in for a real treat on this episode of the Running Iron Podcast.

Hosts:  Craig Rullman and Jim Cornelius

Guest:  Rick Steber

Audio Engineer:  Pete “Oil Can” Rathbun

Original Music:  

“Once We Moved Like the Wind”  Written and Performed by Jim Cornelius

“I Ain’t Making This Up”  Written and Performed by Mike Biggers     

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