RIR Podcast Number One — Len Babb


Western Artist and buckaroo legend Len Babb joined Craig and Jim in the studio to discuss both his working life in the saddle and his breathtaking artwork.  Len’s art, which has been favorably compared to western master Charlie Russell, focuses on scenes from the vanished American frontier.  It was a great honor to have Len in the studio and we hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.     

  1. Cowboy excellent!!
    This sets a high bar and one for posterity
    Len is humbly great and greatly humble.
    I have to get used to the voices having heard them for the first time. Craig’s mellow easy tone and Jim’s excellent radio voice. Well done all around with an impressive guest. A good un’ right out of the chute. My preferred format. Animated, lively and informative. Great for the 18 wheel ride out to Perris , CA for a northbound load. Great selection of a closing out song too!! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute!!!

    — ST

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  2. Christine DeForest May 26, 2018 at 9:50 am

    I loved this. What a humble, funny, talented man. Several things were especially close to my childhood, one being the use of the word “windy.” Your grandfather used to say, “that’s a windy” or “you’re full of wind.” I know you heard him say it too. Made me laugh at “the best horse I’ve ever had.” How many times did we hear that? Mr. Babb quoting Whistler about critics and the flea on a dog was hilarious. Nice interview. Flowed well and you were prepared. Congrats to you guys.

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