Running Iron Report Podcast Number Two — Brent McGregor The Running Iron crew are joined by modern day explorer and adventurer Brent McGregor.  McGregor is a former logger, a woodworker, a mountaineer, a nationally recognized photographer, and an accomplished glacier cave explorer who — along with his caving partners — discovered the largest known glacier cave in the lower 48 states — the ...

RIR Podcast Number One — Len Babb Western Artist and buckaroo legend Len Babb joined Craig and Jim in the studio to discuss both his working life in the saddle and his breathtaking artwork.  Len’s art, which has been favorably compared to western master Charlie Russell, focuses on scenes from the vanished American frontier.  It was a great honor to have ...

Bee Lives Matter

Historians and archeologists tell us that human beings began collecting wild honey about 10,000 years ago. Evidence shows up in ancient North African pottery, Egyptian art, and honey in jars has been recovered from the tombs of the Pharaohs.  By 600 BCE the Picts of ancient Scotland – naturally it was the Scots – were brewing ...

The Greenhouse Mouse

I have been at war with rodents for most of my life.  I am presently doing battle with a particularly clever mouse in the greenhouse who has, in full disclosure, managed to outwit my considerable efforts to end his life early and with extreme prejudice. This lifelong, low-intensity fight for dignity against rodents has resulted ...


The Stormy Daniels Upper

I didn’t watch the Stormy Daniels interview. For one thing I was busy cleaning my AR-15s — which are, in fact, an excellent choice for target shooting, hunting, and home defense — and for another thing I just assume that she is telling the truth and that her skillset really is worth $130k a pop, ...

March Madness

March did not come in like a lamb, not really, but it’s finally here and with it we begin another promising round of spring work on the Figure 8. As usual, I’m entertaining big dreams of an extraordinary harvest – 500 lbs, you may recall, remains the gold standard — and to that end I’m ...

The Barbary Coast

On February 24 Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, no stranger to the red-hot lava beds of Oakland politics, released a message warning illegal immigrants of deportation action by ICE in the City of Oakland, California, and elsewhere around the Bay Area. Schaaf’s magnanimous behavior – a move sure to shore up her base — sparked the ...

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