Sinatra at Ground Zero

Our American obsession with celebrity is as interesting as it is potentially dangerous. It’s also hard to dislodge, as war correspondent George Weller discovered when he defied McArthur’s ban on travel to Nagasaki after the Army Air Corps detonated Fat Man, a 21 kiloton nuclear weapon, over the city. Nearly 1000 allied POW’s were living ...

An Iron in the Fire

Running Iron Report is now live.  I encourage you to go there and check out the inaugural post.  Sign up to receive new posts as they are published, and to join in what will certainly be an interesting conversation. Here are few words about the site, and what you can expect, from Frontier Partisans: The ...

The Cross of Lorraine, Part Deux

We don’t often think of US Marines when we think about World War 2 in Europe. The Marine Corps, naturally, did the bulk of its work in the Pacific theater and probably survives today only because of the brutal, no-quarters warfighting the Old Breed did against the Japanese in places like Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Peleliu, and ...

The Cross of Lorraine

With mostly amusing talk of “resistance” so much in the air, this column has been reading deeply on various characters of the French Resistance during World War 2. A couple of noteworthy names have floated to the surface—not Frenchmen, but allies who parachuted into occupied France to help the Maquis organize, train, and bring the ...

Black Rock Blues

I admit to a conservative streak in my nature. One problem with that is a tendency to paint the past in golden hues and promote visions of a world that never really existed. And it’s probably accurate that if we are ever to learn anything, and carry that knowledge forward, we can’t do it by ...

Something for Nothing

My grandfather warned me a long time ago that: “You can’t get something for nothing,” which always sounded like an unassailable bit of wisdom pulled from Stonewall Jackson’s Book of Maxims. But grandad wasn’t around for the invention of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, if you don’t know, is a digital commodity invented by a cryptologist whose real ...

Ed O’Farrell’s Midnight Ride

On a recent research trip into the Nevada outback, Nugget News editor Jim Cornelius and I had occasion to stop for a few minutes in Silver Lake, Oregon–to pay our respects at a monument in the local cemetery. Ten feet high, unprepossessing, the monument was erected in 1898, to remember the victims of Oregon’s most ...

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