Month: February 2016


Beowulf Means Bear

In an ancient incarnation I taught english composition to college freshmen and sophomores at Lassen College.  I had all kinds of theories about how to deliver the information, how to haze these kids into communicating information by means of pen and paper, and the mere thoughts in their head–and how to do it well.  I ...


The End of Baseball

Here I go again, down the road of melodrama and romantic subjects no one should write about, but I can’t help myself.  I’m in a rage.  I’m so damn mad I can’t even work up a spit.  See, friends, the suited, perfumed, airy, pencil-necks who rule the game of baseball from their ivory towers, that ...


Where Are You Newberry, Where Have You Gone?

*This piece originally appeared in The Nugget News, February 24, 2016 Next month I have the distinct privilege of traveling to Arizona with Sisters-based Warfighter Outfitters, and the occasion has caused me to think deeply about my service, and some of the larger characters who inhabited that world. I was a Marine, with Bravo Company ...


Early Bird

This morning I have received my first “Dry Gulch Project” submission, and I can tell you that it is fabulous.  It’s funny, it’s short, and it introduces a fabulous new player to the ensemble.  Get after it, Chroniclers, the competition will be stiff.  And fun.  Wouldn’t it be something if we could make a thing ...


The Dry Gulch Project

When I was kid, and we were visiting my grandparents in Hollywood, my grandfather told bedtime stories.  These weren’t your run-of-the-mill, get the kids to sleep, halfhearted stabs at storytelling.  They were, in fact, an interconnected serial of considerable complexity, and interest, full of plot twists and jokes and three dimensional characters.  The series was ...


A Dying Man, Afraid of the Dark

Last night we had the pleasure of rewatching “The Shootist”.  Most of you probably know that this film, released in 1976, was John Wayne’s last picture, filmed at a time when he had already lost several ribs and his entire left lung to cancer.  At the time, doctors thought that Wayne might have been cured, ...


From Khartoum to Khiva

Over the last few weeks I have fallen down the rabbit hole of The Great Game era, that monumental struggle for empire in Central Asia, which has left for us a record of scheming, fighting, adventuring, spying, and personal heroics perhaps without parallel.  This gigantic contest, principally between Russia and the British Empire, which I ...

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