Cognitive Dissonance, A Borderland Variation

    *this piece originally appeared in “The Nugget News”, March 22, 2016 The idea that we can hold two disparate ideas in our heads at the same time, and agree with them both, the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance, has rarely been so starkly illustrated for me as it was after a week on our ...


Organ Pipe, The Quiet Conflict

  *this article originally appeared in The Nugget News, March 22, 2016 Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, established in 1937, is composed of 517 square miles of majestic Sonoran desert, bordered to the south by Mexico, to the east by the massive Tohono O’Odham Reservation, and to the west by the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife ...


On The Border, With Warfighter Outfitters

Brett Miller, of Sisters, Oregon, founder of the highly successful non–profit, Warfighter Outfitters, recently led a group of wounded veterans on a four day Engagement Mission to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The veterans, who assembled in Ajo, Arizona, from Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Oregon, and California, were partnered with agents from the US Border Patrol, ...


From Ajo to Iwo and Back

I meant to be back here earlier, truly, but I’ve been fighting some kind of nefarious sinus infection, and yesterday was pretty much a loss.  My breathing is not the best, and I stumble around the house sounding like an air-wrench at a tire shop, just trying to pull O2 through my nose.  So there ...



I am back.  I have officially returned to base.  I did not have the opportunity to dash off as many dispatches as I had hoped, due to various time constraints, a shaky wi-fi connection, and general end of the day fatigue.  I did not repeat the Jameson’s mistake, believe me, because the following morning I ...


The Hills Have Eyes

My friends:  it is difficult to relate exactly the experiences we are having here, particularly after a bottle of Jameson’s at the La Siesta, with a new friend and aging combat veteran, but I will do my best.  I’m going to order this in terms of an After Action Report, because after nearly 20 years ...



It is 2117 hours and I have finally been able to connect my wi-fi signal to the Ajo La Siesta Motel.  I’m in my room, where someone has punched out the on-off button for the air conditioner and the man who handed me my key, and led me on a circuitous route through the dark ...

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